Cleansers and creams and serums, oh my!

Skincare routines matter!

A drop of this, a pump of that and a spritz of the other will do. Having a complete skincare regimen earlier in life will save you years on your face down the road. Even if you begin with a simple routine that includes a #cleanser, #toner and #moisturizer in your teens, you'll be ahead of your peers and it it will show!

As you mature, you will want to add an eye treatment and a serum or two for the best long term results. Also, with each decade, you need to reassess what your using. Pull out all of your products and see if your happy with what they are doing. As skin changes, so does its needs. You may need to add anti-aging ingredients, brightening ingredients or more hydrating ingredients to keep your skin looking and feeling it's best.

Don't be afraid to mix product lines either. Sometimes you love 90% of a line you use, but its lacking something you need. Be a little adventurous and play detective. Do a search for the results your looking for and see if there is a skincare line that delivers what you need, then give it a try.

Love your skin and it will love you back!

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