Egyptians loved it! 24 K

24 Karat gold has long been known for its beneficial qualities in skincare. Did you know pure gold actually locks in moisture and keeps skin firm by maintaining collagen in the skin and inhibiting the breakdown of elastin. We decided to run with this when we started working on a serum that would do something different. We wanted a product that not only nourished and improved skin, our goal was to formulate a product that would be the perfect base for everything else that went on top of it, improving skins appearance both internally and externally.

You can look back in both Egyptian and Chinese history and find 24-carat gold treatments were commonly and regularly used to hydrate, firm and moisturize the skin in order to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and resulting in smooth and radiant skin. Only the ultra rich could afford such lavish and effective treatments and it showed. Cleopatra even used gold leaf as a finishing product to make her skin more radiant. With today's market value, this is out of reach for most of us. That's why we wanted to develop a product that was affordable for all and delivered the same astonishing results.

Our 24 Karat Suspension Serum is a cutting edge age defying treatment containing 24 Karat Gold and we've combined it with the power of powerful Botanicals, Essential Oils and Antioxidants to strengthen skins elasticity and firmness, while promoting unparalleled hydration and smoothness. This distinctive serum helps to restore skin suppleness, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhances radiance. We've added an additional benefit, it also acts as a natural under makeup primer to create an ultra-smooth surface for your makeup. You will have that gorgeous photo filtered look in real time. The finish will leave you looking and feeling your absolute best!

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