What’s your Skin eating?

Ingredients are literally everything when it comes to skincare. Just like the importance of what we put in our bodies, what we put on it matters too!

Do you know what’s in your skincare, really? We DON’T need artificial colors, that serve no health purpose, penetrating our skin. We also DON’T need artificial fragrances increasing our inflammatory response, which leads to redness and irritation. We DON’T need sls’sto make our cleansers foamy so our mind thinks that we’re getting cleaner skin.

What do we need? Clean ingredients that deliver results. Bases that include natural oils, like avocado, sunflower and jojoba, are great for curating smooth and supple skin. Natural fruit based acids, vitamins, salicylic and papain, that help increase cell turnover and fight the typical signs of aging.

Search engines make it easy to decipher what’s on our labels. It only takes a minute and your skin will thank you by delivering a healthy natural glow. ✨

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