Meet Our Founder - Deborah Kirkendall


Deborah Kirkendall, JEM founder

I frequently get asked about what led me to create a skincare line when there are already so many choices available to the general public. The truth is, my passion for skincare products came after two very excessive bouts of acne left their physical and emotional marks on me. During the first bout in my teens, the acne was so severe I actually had to have two different surgeries to remove the evidence of skin gone wrong. It was an experience I wish upon no one.

I thought I was done with dreaded acne once I made it through those adolescent years, but unfortunately I couldn't have been more wrong. Fast forward to my late thirties (and all the hormonal changes that are common at this age). Out of nowhere all my skin issues started up again; this time with very cystic acne that wanted to leave its mark. Not wanting to go through another round of surgery, I decided to go to aesthetics school and solve the issue by myself once and for all. I also wanted to gain the skincare knowledge needed to help others, both teens and adults, so that no-one else would have to deal with the skincare trauma I had.

Working as an aesthetician, I began to discover that there were many effective skincare lines, but that many also contained ingredients that were either unnecessary and/or harmful. It didn't feel right to advocate for products that might have done the job, but that also might cause inflammation or increased sensitivity. After a closer look, I realized that I didn't want to use these products on my own skin, let alone the skin of clients who trusted me for expert level care. So, I decided to see if I could put together a line that was effective, but also skin and health friendly - a line I would be proud to use on myself and my clients.

Drawing from the hands on experience I had working as an aesthetician, I knew the vision for my own skincare line was to design products that finally delivered clients the real results they were seeking, without sacrificing high quality, natural ingredients. And so I began my exciting adventure into skincare development! The whole process of designing a line took about a year and a half. I had to work with a variety of companies until I finally found one that had the same ideals I did when it came to effective, but clean, ingredients. Initially I started with a small group of products - mostly focusing on anti-aging and rosacea/sensitive prone skin, since these were points of concern I had for my own skin needs. Once I was happy with my choices for the first product collections, I started to explore the possibilities of skin clearing, hydrating and brightening products. JEM's current lineup is focused around these five segments, so that there is a product collection to fit every person's individual needs.

Today, my mission is to share with others the idea that bigger and more popular skincare brands are not always better. I believe that making a great product that delivers what you say it will is enough to encourage consumers to give our small, but results-driven line, a try. Word of mouth has been a huge factor in growing JEM, and we continue to try and introduce our products to people who want and need them. I am so lucky that our customers love our mission and products enough to help us grow. I couldn't ask for more support and am excited to see where JEM goes from here.


(One last thing, friends. If you ever have skincare issues like mine, or just want advice on how to keep your skin healthy and youthful, please reach out to me and my team! Because we are a small, locally operated company, we have the time to personally work with you to meet all your skincare needs. Just send us an email or reach out on social media! xoxo)

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