Is that Dreaded Back-to-School Stress Making you Breaking out?

Now that class is back in session and you are moving at hyper speed, your skin may be kicking into high gear too when it comes to breakouts. People always assume that it's the tests or the midterm papers that cause the greatest stress, but often tt's usually the resulting acne that sends you spinning out of control.

Diet, stress and ever shifting sleep patterns can send your hormones into hyper mode, making high school or college the prime time for an acne flare-up. The easiest solution to help combat these breakouts is a simple, but effective, skincare routine.

Cleansing every night, faithfully, is an obvious must. But picking the right cleanser is the second half of that battle. You want to use a cleanser that won't over strip your skin. Why? Because when you strip skin's natural ecosystem, you actually increase the production of sebum and bacteria on the inflammation commonly associated with acne. Using a face wash like our Daily Cleanser with Kaolin, a creamy acne and inflammation fighter, can calm and clear acne breakouts within days. The kaolin leaves skin feeling fresh, tight, and clean, without the dryness commonly associated with most acne cleansers.

Skin a little more oily than your peers? Our Clarifying Cleanser with Salicylic is a great alternative. The salicylic goes deep into your pores, killing bacteria that might be hiding deep in the shadows. It also is formulated with the balancing ingredients of glycerin, grape skin oil and vitamin C, ingredients that leave your skin feeling perfectly balanced, not dry.

But how exactly should revamp your daily skincare routine to match the stress of a new school year? In the morning, start by splashing lukewarm water over your face. Over washing will dry out your skin and rinse away those good oils and fats that protect skin from the nastiness in the world, like dirt and bacteria. Like we said, keep it simple!

Next, make sure to hydrate your skin every morning. There are a number of products you can use that won't leave you feeling oily. Start with a toning lotion that multitasks as a hydrant and an enemy to bacteria. Follow it up with an grease free moisturizer to really set skin up for success. JEM's Clarifying Tonic with Coneflower does just that, and is one of our most popular recommendations for younger customers. This product's salicylic dives in deep to clean pores, while calendula, populous, honeysuckle and coneflower hydrate, calm and balance the skin barrier.

Last but not least, our Balancing Matte Moisture Cream is the perfect fit to finish your daily routine. This aloe based cream actually balances skin out, leaving it not too oily and not to dry, soaking up any excess oil for a perfect complexion throughout the day. Your skin will love you!

One last tip! Take a minute every week to exfoliate. But watch out for fruit and nut based products that can leave skin irritated and dry. Instead, try something like Bamboo and Blueberry Natural Exfoliant (found in JEM's calming line), which combines ground rice, oat and bamboo powder for a gentle, but effective mask choice. If things are a bit further out of control, our Dual Action Micro Exfoliant (from our age-defying line), will do the trick. It's combination of lactic acid and micro jojoba beads clean pores out and remove devitalized surface cells, leaving skin clean, smooth and clear.

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