Switch up your skincare routine for the winter months.

Fall skincare routine.

So, you're following your usual skincare routine, but something feels a bit off. You washed, hydrated and moisturized, yet somehow, your skin feels tight. It's the same routine you did through summer, but now, your skin isn't responding with the same loving glow.

Your skin is always exposed to external environmental influences. As such, the water, or lack there of, in the air, affects the balance of water (hydration) in your skin. A warmer climate tends to soften the skin, leaving it more plump and happy. During the winter months, there is less humidity in the air, often leading to drier, dehydrated skin. This changes the appearance of our skin, revealing more fine lines and wrinkles.

Having said that, each season has it pluses and minuses. During the summer, we tend to eat lighter and healthier, including more fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, we usually experience more exposure to the sun, which accelerates the aging process. Add chlorine and salt, depending on the waters in which you swim, and skin can get dried out pretty fast.

In the winter, we lean more toward comfort foods, omitting the fruits and vegetables, which are less accessible during the colder months. We also are not as active, thus losing the benefits of increased circulation, which keeps blood and oxygen flowing, making skin appear healthier. All of this has an affect on the health and quality of our skin.

There are several things you can do to increase the health and hydration of skin during the dryer fall and winter months.

1. Evaluate if the cleanser you loved over the summer, still fits your skins current needs for fall & winter.

If it doesn't, then switch it up during the colder months to something less stripping. Reduce cleansing to evenings only, relying on a warm rinse in the morning to shake off the cobwebs. What do you really have to clean off in the morning anyway? The skin's barrier takes 12 hours to reset after stripping the surface oils it depends on to protect it. This means, if you've used a cleanser in the a.m. and p.m., your skin is constantly in recovery mode, trying to get itself back to a balanced state of being.

2. Reevaluate your toner. This follows the same thought process as your cleanser.

Avoid the harsh alcohols commonly found in toning lotions. Look for something that includes calming and healing ingredients. Witch Hazel is a great main ingredient, non drying, to start the list out. Try our Daily Toning Lotion, which includes Organic Witch Hazel, Arnica Montana, Organic Calendula Extract and Boswellia Serrata to keep things cool, calm and happy.

3. Are you using the right serum to match this seasons skin requirements?

Maybe during the summer, you rely on your "C" Serum to keep things in check. As fall and winter rolls in, you might require something with a little more hydration in mind. Hyaluronic Acid is light weight and known for it's ability to draw in 1000x it's weight in moisture. It literally pulls it right out of the air. Our Ultra Hydrating Serum with Caviar takes it one step further by adding Marine Collagen to hydrate and heal skin. Packed with vitamins and minerals, you might actually hear your skin thank you. ;-)

4. Yep, you guessed it. Take another look at your moisturizer too. Is it doing all it can to keep things hydrated and happy at surface level?

Skin also tends to naturally produce less oil in the fall and winter months, so that means it’s time to step up the moisture content in your cream. If you have oily skin, you may be fine staying with your summer moisturizer during the day, but switch to a more deeply penetrating moisturizer at night to help keep your skin from developing dry patches.

This doesn't necessarily mean you need to actually change your moisturizer. There is another option. Maybe you look for a great facial oil and add one to two drops to your nightly moisture cream. It can even come in handy during the summer when sun exposure has exceeded the limits for skin.

And don't forget the eye cream. That's right! This delicate area is made up of thinner tissue than the rest of the face, leaving it more susceptible to winter's dryness. It doesn't have to be a thick heavy cream, in fact, we frown on those. Find a light weight cream or serum with all the right ingredients and you'll see the difference. Our Tri-Peptide Eye Therapy is packed with multiple peptides meant to hydrate, brighten and smooth the delicate eye area. You prefer something with a little more weight, not too much, just enough? Take a look at our Essential Daily Eye Cream, packed with hydrating and soothing ingredients.

5. Exfoliation is an absolute key to keeping skin hydrated and glowing.

Why? Drier skin means an increase in dead cell build up. You need to remove this unwanted barrier in order to let your products actually do their job. Trying to fight through a maze of dead cells means efficacy might drop to 50%, leaving skin dull, dry and lack luster.

Although you may have tolerated more frequent exfoliating habits in the summer, winter months may require you to slow down a bit on this necessary ritual. Find the balance that works for your skin. Take a look at our Dual-Action Micro Exfoliant, that combines both physical and chemical components, to get the job done right.

6, Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! with moisture building masks.

That's right! Now it's time to turn up the volume on you time. There are a variety of masks out there that range from heavy to light as a feather. Depending on your skins needs and even your preferences, there is a mask, or two, out there that will keep your skin plump, glowing and ready to combat winters harsh dryness. Our Intensive Moisture Mask with Hyaluronic Acid is super light weight, but loaded with moisture gathering ingredients. You can even apply a thin layer before bed and let it do it's thing while you dream the night away. Wake up with plump and glowing skin that might even capture the attention of your friends.

7. Wait for it......

Water, water, water, water, and yes, more water. Hydrating from the inside out helps internal and external organs function at their best. Working in tandem with what we do topically to make sure our skin is looking and felling it's glowy best!

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