Skincare Tips for Tweens and Teens

Tweens and teens around the globe go through the same hormone changes, but it all begins much younger these days. It's an unknown when it comes to how these changes will affect your child, but it affects everything from the way they look and act to the way they sleep. The biggest question seems to be how are hormones going to affect their skin. Acne can be the first sign to signify puberty has begun, and the changes can begin as early as age eight or nine. It can be as mild as a light oil or as sever as cystic acne.

The challenge is, once the hormone train comes barreling along, what do you do about it. For most, the action sticks to the T-zone and presents as blackheads and white heads and usually ends in early adulthood. But for some, it goes much further, with oil and acneic lesions covering their entire face and lasting well into adulthood. Both can be addressed with great success, it just takes a little time and maybe even a little experimenting to find the best plan of attack for your child's specific needs.


Be on the lookout, as the most important time to step in and build a great routine is at the first signs of increased oil or breakouts. It's much easier to calm things back down when their just surfacing than it is when their in full breakout mode. Since most tweens and teens are just beginning to learn about self hygiene and you've just started to get them to by into an evening shower/bath routine, this is the best time to introduce "cleansing". Since the goal isn't to strip the skin, start out will a soap free cleanser, like our Daily Cleanser with Kaolin. This gentle, but effective cleanser features a non-drying clay that will help control oil. With a bit of Salicylic, it will also work to wipe out the bacteria commonly associated with acne. At this stage, it's best no to get to deep into an extended routine, because tweens don't have the understanding or patience to be responsible for a 5 step program.

Daily Cleanser with Kaolin

Little things like wearing hair up at night or a pillow case change every 3 days for light activity and nightly changes for full on oil and acne can really help out. It seems so simple, but you might be very surprised at the results. Hair holds natural oils and pillow cases absorb oil and collect the dead skin cells that routinely shed at night, all adding up to additional oil and bacteria on the surface of the skin. For both boys and girls, the constant motion of sweeping hair out of their face means dirty fingers coming into contact with skin at the forehead or sides of the face, all of which can lead to skincare issues.


If your child is at a more advanced stage of breakout, you'll need a little more than just a good nightly cleanse. It may be as simple as a cleanser that has a little more oomph to it or as targeted as a serum that can be used as a spot treatment or all over face treatment. Start with one new product at a time to see how their skin adjusts to it. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will the cure for their hormonal outbreaks.

Clarifying Cleanser with Salicylic

Try our soap free Clarifying Cleanser with Salicylic. A daily revitalizing naturally foaming wash cleanses and freshens skin thoroughly, reducing surface oils, while therapeutically clearning problematic skin. The balance of salicylic acid, licorice root, grape skin & green tea team together to minimize surface bacteria. It will also aid in the reduction of redness, often associated with acneic lesions.

Clear Skin Natural Clarifying Serum

For a oil and acne that's a little bigger? We've got a serum that will knock your acne off... Clean Skin Natural Clarifying Serum. It's a light weight all natural acne clearing serum that means business when it comes to breakouts and oily skin. With clarifying salicylic and glycolic acids, it creates the ideal pH balance to neutralize oil and bacteria. Excellent as a spot treatment or overnight all over treatment for oilier skin types. Say goodbye to breakouts!

Finally, teens tend to want to throw the book at a breakout, and they’ll layer on drying thing after irritating thing, until they've got a four alarm inflammation situation going on. But we know that a more thoughtful approach, slow and steady, will beat out even the most serious breakouts. We have found that adding in a calming mask can be a slightly silly ritual that really engages your child.

Purifying Mask with Kaolin

Our Purifying Mask with Kaolin is just the ticket. Our mineral rich mask encourages vitality and increase cellular interaction by blending nurturing botanical extracts and detoxifying kaolin and bentonite clay to draw out impurities from deep within the skin. Colloidal Silver, Aloe Vera and seaweed extract add nourishment to unbalanced skin, leaving a smooth, even and clear complexion. With it's light blue tint to it, it might be just enough to make it seem more fun than work. With both clearing and calming ingredients, they won't know it's more function than amusement.

Most important, don’t ignore changes in your tween or teen’s skin. The psychological impact of problem skin is real with far reaching emotional scars. Knowing that, and bearing in mind everyone has to be patient at first—as no treatment is going to give you immediate changes—is important. Sleep levels, stress levels, and a high-levels of sugar intensify or even trigger breakouts, depending on the person; family history plays a big role, too. It takes a little time, but a whole lot of patience and a solid skincare routine, results will happen.

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