To mask or not to mask, that is the question!

As if your schedule wasn't busy enough, now you have someone suggesting you should add regular treatment masks to your to do list too? Well, you are about to find out why and we think it will be the motivation you so desperately need to finally reach your skins best look and health ever.

Any good regimen includes a good daily cleanse, appropriate serum, eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen. Ok, so you get that. Then, if you've been encourage to do a weekly exfoliation, which removes all that nasty dead skin build up, so your products can do a better job at delivering solid results, you've got a pretty good thing going. Skin is glowing, it feels smoother and looks more even in tone and wrinkles and fine lines have been diminished to a dull roar, leaving you feeling like you are on top of the skin game world. That's all super great, but we've got one more step that will propel you and your skin to a new stratosphere, it's called..... masking. So, now that we've got your attention, let us tell you why you should add this hugely beneficial step to your weekly skincare routine.

They are much more effective than you think and here is why. The "magic" behind face masks is simple. The ingredients from a face mask are kept in contact longer with your skin because of the occlusion phenomenon of the mask. Occlusives are a class of ingredients designed to provide a protective seal over skin, holding ingredients tightly to the skins surface.

The mask traps the moisture or ingredient in the skin and creates a film that helps to either hydrate, moisture, dry, calm or exfoliate the skin, depending on the ingredients used and it's purpose. Therefore, face masks allow ingredients to penetrate better and deeper into your skin in a short amount of time. Whether it's salicylic acid for acne, vitamin C for fine lines, or seaweed to calm and heal inflamed skin, a face mask can offer a more concentrated dose of and more intense version of it's ingredients compared to other forms of application. But that's not all!

In a world of ever changing energies that can leave you feeling drained and hungry for a little respite, doing a 15 to 30 minute mask can give you the space to unwind and quiet your mind. We recommend setting the stage before you even apply your mask. Put on some soothing music, a relaxing guided meditation and/or burn a little incense to get your mind in the mood to slow down. Once you've applied your mask, take a moment to sit, lay or maybe even soak in a bath and let your mind go still. There's nothing like finding a way to do double duty when completing your to do list, so give it a try, you might just be "double" surprised!

We've added a new mask to our line up, the Down & Dirty Detox Mask.

It's amazing and can actually be used on all skin types. This mask is a high performance treatment for dull and tired skin of all types, including acne prone. It draws out impurities as it cleanses and renews firmness and elasticity to the skin’s surface. You've got to get a little down and dirty sometimes.

Check out our other masks and see what you've been missing.

Deep Renewal Mask with Mango - This rich and deeply renewing mask works to restore natural suppleness, elasticity and softness to dry and devitalized skin.

Healing Mask with Seaweed - Packed with phyto-chemicals and 92+ minerals and micro minerals to maximize treatment benefits. Created to make these restorative and healing components available in a single format to heal and calm sensitive, inflamed skin.

Intensive Moisture Mask with Hyaluronic Acid - Loaded with Hyaluronic Acid, this mask will plump and hydrated even the driest complexion, leaving skin glowing, plump, smooth and moisture rich.

Well, we would love to know if you found this blog useful and what you might like to learn about next. JEM is laser focused on helping you find your healthiest skin regimen to maximize your desired end goal results!

Team JEM!

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